Africa Matters (Zimbabwe)

It is the goal of AFRICA MATTERS to promote wildlife conservation by encouraging the interaction of artists, teachers and scientists. They directly offer financial and logistical assistance to individuals and organizations whose work not only expands scientific knowledge from the field, but also makes that knowledge available to others, particularly young Africans. We believe that art and youth have a key role to play in the world of conservation.

The INGONYAMA Dance Troop teaches about nature through electrifying performances that include song, dance and drama. Children watch, listen and learn about wildlife through the group's creative portrayal of many African creatures.

Since 2003 Director Wendy Blakeley has been coaching, teaching and advising this local group of young men. Originally formed through the sponsorship of Hwange Lion Research Project, they were tasked with traveling out to rural land community schools to bring the conservation message through dance, song and drama. In 2003 they cut their first CD!

INGONYANA Arts and Crafts directly enhances the work of Painted Dog Conservation, whose mission is to prevent the extinction of the endangered Painted Dog. The art pieces are developed with conservation in mind; some are even sculpted animals made of snare wire. The sale of the items benefit the Painted Dog project, as well as the local artisans.

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