African Savanna

african savannah The African Savanna is a large open grassland with scattered shrubs and trees, and usually has a very rainy season and a very dry season. There are several different types of savannas around the world. The savanna that most people are familiar with (and is represented at the Zoo) is the savanna of east Africa. Here you will find amazing wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, and lions. In the wild, herbivores (animals that eat plants) need vast areas of land to accomodate the large numbers of animals living in the herd. During the dry season they walk many miles to find enough food and water for all the members of the group. Where ever there are herbivores, there are sure to be carnivores (animals that eat meat) close behind. During the rainy season food and water is plentiful and many species meet by the ponds and lakes that appear. Here at the Zoo we provide plenty of food, water, and shelter from the hot sun, as well as enough space to roam around.

The Oakland Zoo is committed to providing the best animal care and species specific habitats for all of our animals. In the wild animals are always using their senses to detect potential danger or food in their surroundings. In an effort to replicate these natural behaviors animals are introduced to different smells, sounds, textures, and tastes. These sensory stimulating objects are called "enrichment items." Look for these items next time you visit.

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