Animal Enrichment

Enrich the Lives of the Animals at the Zoo

Animal enrichment items (special play toys, unique scents, or food treats) are a valuable asset to all zoos. Not only do they provide the exercise that all animals need, but they also help to eliminate boredom and keep animals mentally active. While visiting the Zoo you can see first hand how the animals interact with various enrichment items.

Donating Goods

The animals at the Oakland Zoo benefit from your donations of fruit, vegetables, bakery items, branches (browse) and leaves. Your donations help keep our animal commissary stocked with tasty food and fun "toys" for our animals. Using these toys, or enrichment, contributes to a healthy animal by keeping their minds as active as possible. Donations also ensure that we can keep our costs low, thereby keeping the Zoo an affordable family experience. Donations can be made by groups, individuals and corporations. We work with many partners, including the Safeway, Niman Ranch, Ms. Pastures Cookies, and the Contra Costa Food Bank. Once a year at Feast for the Beasts (March and July) you can bring produce in large quantities and even see the animals eat it. Please contact us if you would like to set up a recurring donation.


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Animal Enrichment

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