Animal Care at the Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo's animal keepers are a vital part of the organization. Important basic duties of animal keepers include daily cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures and proper feeding of the animals under their care. Animal keepers may also help design, build and repair animal enclosures and care for the plants in and around the exhibits.

Animal Rescue Information

The Oakland Zoo receives many calls regarding animal rescue information and animal adoptions. We may not have the ability to help your injured animal, but we have created a list of organizations in the Bay Area that might be able to help.

Volunteer and Internships

Ever wonder what it is like to care for a giraffe, alligator, hornbill or hyena? If you are interested in learning about animal husbandry then volunteering or interning for the Oakland Zoo's Animal Care department could be for you. We are looking for hard working individuals who respect animals and don't mind getting dirty. So break out those work boots and khaki pants and come to one of our volunteer orientations. Animal Care volunteers and interns are an important part of providing the best care we care for our animals. Come be part of the experience.


Just like we try to make sure our visitors have fun at the Zoo, we strive to keep our animals happy and engaged. We give each animal customized treats and toys, or enrichment, to keep their minds and bodies active. The animals at the Oakland Zoo greatly benefit from the kind donations from individuals, families, and corporations.

Animal Keeper Careers

Is being an Animal Keeper your dream job? Want to learn more about Animal Keeper careers? Zoo keeping offers a unique opportunity for an individual to pursue a career that is stimulating as well as demanding. The personal gratification of successfully maintaining wild animals can be rewarding.

About Zookeeping

The goal of Zoo Keepers at the Oakland Zoo is to provide animals with safe environments which stimulate and encourage natural behaviors. While providing this type of care for animals, we also hope to inspire Zoo visitors about habitats and animals. Our hope is that our example will transpire change and encourage people to help preserve wild habitats.

Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital

Our state-of-the-art, 17,000 square foot Veterinary Hospital was designed to accommodate all current and future animals at Oakland Zoo, from small birds to large camels and grizzly bears. It features radiology and surgical suites, a small laboratory, a pharmacy, and wide transportation docks.


Our Animal Management staff have created a list of resources to help you learn more about ZooKeeping.

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