ZooKids: Oh Yuck!

What bug lays its eggs in poop? The dung beetle, that's who! Did you know that a baboon's 'ischial callosities' helps it escape from predators? Come to this class to learn and appreciate every animal's unique adaptations for survival.

Date and Time

Program Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm

Cost and Fees

Program Fee: Members $23.00 / Non-Members $26.00.
Parking Fee: $7.00 for non-members. FREE for members.


Main Entrance. Please park in the Upper Parking Lot and proceed to the Main Entrance.


Pre-Registration is required. Please review the information regarding ZooKids Registration to learn how to sign up for this program.


Contact: Sarah Cramer
Email: info@oaklandzoo.org
Phone: (510) 632-9525 x280

Additional Program Information
  • "Oh Yuck!" will be held on May 11 and May 18.


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