Lion Appreciation Day

Lions are one of the most popular and iconic animals in the world - but the King of the Beasts is in trouble in the wild. It is estimated there are fewer than 30,000 lions left in all of Africa due to habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict, and our own California mountain lions face similar challenges. Learning about and appreciating lions helps, and you can be part of it. Let's celebrate the majestic lion at Oakland Zoo this August, in honor of World Lion Day - come on over and roar for lions with us!

Date and Time

Saturday, August 22 from 10:00am-3:00pm

Cost and Fees

Free with admission


No registration is required


Contact: Carol Moen Wing
Phone: 510 632-9525 x227

Additional Program Information

We'll have so many ways to learn about and celebrate lions today - there's lots to roar about!

  • 10:00am: Come watch the lions explore their new enrichment!
  • 1:00pm: Lion Keeper Alicia Powers will give a talk about our Oakland Zoo lions, at the main lion viewing area
  • All day: Visit stations from our lion conservation partners to learn more about saving wild lions in Uganda and California
  • Get your face painted to look like a lion
  • Take a selfie at our "I Love Lions" photo booth and share your love for lions on social media
  • Shop for beautiful handmade crafts and support the Uganda Carnivore Program, which works to save lions, leopards and hyenas in Africa
  • Learn more about mountain lions and Oakland Zoo's upcoming California Trail
  • Give lions a hand - see how your hand print compares with a lion's paw print and make some awesome art
  • Take Action for Wildlife by learning about lions and conservation, sharing what you know, and supporting our conservation partners.


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