California Trail

california, navtive, animals In 2014, Oakland Zoo plans to break ground on a transformational project that will further our commitments to animal care, education, and conservation.

The California Trail at Oakland Zoo will endow the Bay Area community with a national treasure. Through this project, we will honor our state’s most revered wildlife and enable visitors of all ages and backgrounds to understand the importance of our native species.

  • Experience grizzly bears, bison, and grey wolves who once roamed the California landscape

  • Learn how mountain lions, tule elk, and black bears are adapting to co-habitation with humans

  • See the effects of human interference —good and bad— on local populations of the California condor and bald eagle

The California Trail provides a chance to interpret one of the great stories of change in California and emphasize mankind’s role in protecting the ecology of the San Francisco Bay Area. The setting in which visitors will discover this rich story of California’s native wildlife is unmatched in any zoo in North America, and exists in only a handful of zoos in the world.

In preparation for this exciting project, Oakland Zoo has been busy enhancing our operations and capabilities to better address the needs of the California Trail. The following are just a few of the successfully completed projects, all of which enable us to be better stewards of our space and inhabitants:

  • construction of a state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital;
  • renovation of our old hospital into a Biodiversity Center for advancing critical conservation and research initiatives;
  • restoration of Arroyo Viejo Creek and other areas within Knowland Park to remove invasive species and promote a healthy ecosystem for native plants and animals;
  • completion of a multi-year environmental review for the new California Trail site through the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA);
  • continuation of a dedicated focus on sustainability

The California Trail will firmly establish Oakland Zoo’s role as a leader in conservation education and stewardship of the natural world. In addition, it broadens our collaborative relationships with scientists as well as environmental and conservation-based organizations working to preserve, protect, and promote our state’s natural history. This project is a chance for the creatures of California, from past and present, to ignite the curiosity of our kids and inspire visitors young and old to transform the future.

If you have questions, or want to get involved in realizing the California Trail, please call us at (510) 746-7137.

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