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Live from Big Sur, CA

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Live streaming California Condor Cam, where rehabilitated birds are being released back into the wild.

Watch the first ever live streaming California Condor Cam located in Big Sur, CA.

Watch condors up-close as they are being rehabilitated. Oakland Zoo’s live streaming Condor Cam is situated inside The Steve and Jackie Kane Condor Recovery Center.

Watch the third live streaming Condor Cam located in Big Sur, CA


The first ever Live Streaming California Condor cam is located in the hills of Big Sur, California, where the Ventana Wildlife Society is working diligently with the California Condor Recovery team to help return these iconic birds to habitats in Central California.

Oakland Zoo’s Condor Cam is situated in The Steve and Jackie Kane Condor Recovery Center on the grounds of Oakland Zoo. The rehabilitation center is designed for treatment and recovery of sick or injured California condors from the wild. Upon the bird's recovery, they will be returned to their natural habitat. In 2012, Oakland Zoo linked up with the California Condor Recovery Program. This partnership is significant because ill birds found in Big Sur or Pinnacles National Park can now be transported to a wildlife hospital that is much closer in proximity. Prior to the Oakland Zoo partnership, the nearest Veterinary hospital for condor care was in the Los Angeles Zoo, which is also a participant of the Condor Recovery Program.

"A Flight Plan for the California Condor" is a video produced by Oakland Zoo to showcase the plight of this majestic bird and why the Zoo is compelled to support conservation efforts to recover the California Condor. The goal of the film is to give people perspective and a reason to care about a bird with a wingspan of 9.5 feet. Oakland Zoo is proud to join organizations throughout California and the West Coast including Ventana Wildlife Society, Los Angeles Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and Pinnacles National Monument.

The live streaming of Condor Cams are sponsored by the FedEx Corporation and powered by HDonTAP.

Condors are scavengers which feed exclusively on carcasses. Lead poisoning, as a result of lead bullet fragments in game carcasses or waste piles, remains the largest threat to the birds. The goal of the California Condor Recovery Program is to research, recover, and expand the population of this species. Currently, there are only about 200 condors in the wild. For more information about the plight of the condor, check out our partner's website.