Action for Wildlife:
Conservation Programs

Action for Wildlife is a primary concern at Oakland Zoo. We are actively involved with many researchers and organizations dedicated to various conservation projects around the world. With help from our members and sponsors, we are able to address a wide range of conservation issues.

Action for Wildlife in the Field

North America:

This section includes conservation programs Oakland Zoo actively supports in North America. Below are a list of programs we currently support.


Oakland Zoo shows a commitment to conservation projects in Asia. Below are a list of programs we currently support.

Latin America:

Oakland Zoo actively supports several conservation projects in Latin America. Below are a list of programs we currently support.


Oakland Zoo supports several programs that have a global impact. Please see the list below.

The Green Zoo:

Oakland Zoo strives to teach "going green" by example. From recycling to bio-diesel fuel, we strive to be a leader in "Green" activities and practices.

Action for Wildlife On-Site:

On-site conservation projects are key to Oakland Zoo’s message to the community. Below are a list of projects we are currently supporting and implementing.

You can Take Action for Wildife!

Oakland Zoo believes that each one of us has the power to become stewards of the natural world, decrease our global footprint and inspire others to do the same. We encourage our members to:

In the Field N. America

In the Field Africa

In the Field Asia

In the Field L. America

In the Field Global

The Green Zoo

Conservation On-Site

Take Action