Take Action for Wildlife

Oakland Zoo takes Action for Wildlife by actively participating in conservation projects both at home and around the world. You and your family can take action, too! Learn more about the ways you can help wildlife and our environment by visiting the pages below.

Learn more about the organizations we help support below.

Conservation Speaker Series

Come learn about the latest conservation programs Oakland Zoo is partnering with, featuring guest speakers directly involved with each program. We would love for you to join our next lecture event!

96 Elephants

96 is the number of African Elephants that are currently being killed every day for their tusks. Oakland Zoo is proud to announce a new partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society through their campaign called ‘96 Elephants’. 96 Elephants brings together world citizens, partners, thought leaders, and change makers to leverage collective influence to stop the killing of elephants for their ivory.

Understand the Palm Oil Crisis

Palm oil is in many products, from crackers to soap. The oil palm plant grows mainly in Borneo and Sumatra, home to tigers, sun bears, elephants and orangutans. Sadly, the industry poses a serious threat to the survival of these species, as much of it uses deforestation practices that greatly threaten their delicate habitat.

Recycle Cell Phones

Got an old cell phone? Recycle it with Eco-Cell. By doing so, toxic waste is kept out of the landfill, the refurbished phone benefits people in need, and you're helping gorillas in the wild. And when you bring your old cell phone to the Oakland Zoo Rides Area ticket booth, you get a FREE ride on the train.

Sign up for eScrip

Your purchases at a variety of businesses including Safeway and Chevron can help the Conservation Fund at the Oakland Zoo! A portion of the sale will automatically be donated.

Plant for Wildlife

To support pollinators and other wildlife, the zoo has planted two blooming butterfly gardens, a variety of natives all over the zoo grounds, and is in the planning stages of creating an expansive, ecological recovery zone.

Join the Creek Crew

Do you know the difference between native plants and non-native plants? Come to the Arroyo Viejo Creek at the Oakland Zoo and learn about plants. Grab your gardening gloves and help clean up the creek.

Primates and other Exotic Animals Don’t Make Good Pets

Many of us love monkeys and apes, but there are a lot of reasons why primates and other exotic animals are not a good idea to have as pets.

Travel with Oakland Zoo!

Do you want to help wildlife and learn more about our conservation field partners around the world? Travel with Oakland Zoo on a Conservation Safari, Action for Wildlife Expedition, or Teen Eco-Trip!

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