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Top Trumps is the award-winning card game phenomenon that has sold 40,000,000 units worldwide! It brings the classic card game 'war' into the 21st century and is so simple and fun to play that it's perfect for all ages! Simply choose your best stat, beat your opponent's card, then win the entire deck! Welcome to The World's Coolest Card GameTM!

OUT NOW... Take home the Oakland Zoo Top Trumps deck and get 30 of your favorite Oakland animals in your pocket! With this fantastic game you can learn all about the lives of these charismatic characters. You will discover many fun facts and intriguing stats about how long they can live, how endangered they are and even how much poop they produce! You can even check the 'seen it' box on the card as you go and visit the animals.

Key Features

Unique educational card game, proven to help with math, memory, reading and social skills

Easy to remember, bite-sized facts and stats about Oakland Zoo animals

Easy to play for all the family (ages 6 to adult)

2-6 players

Available now from the Oakland Zoo Gift Shop!

Next time you go to the Oakland Zoo... Don't forget to pick up your FREE Oakland Zoo Top Trumps supercard at the admissions gate!!! There are eight different supercards available, so it's just a question of which one you will get. It could be:

  • The Ring-Tailed Lemur who has unusual tooth combs!
  • The Malayan Flying Fox who turns upside down to urinate!
  • The Sunbear who has an unusually long tongue!
  • The Cotton-Top Tamarin who gives birth to twins that can make up to 25% of their total body weight!
  • The Columbian Red-Tailed Boa who can reach to 10ft in length!
  • The Leaf-Cutter Ant who has jaws so strong that some South American cultures use them as medical stitches!
  • The male Orange Bishop who turns orange during breeding season!
  • The Spotted Hyena who lives in matriarchal societies, which means that the females are in charge!

The supercards are an exclusive addition to the Oakland Zoo Top Trumps deck, so don't miss out on your chance to c ollect one on your next trip to the Zoo! Then all you need to do is add it to the full deck to have a truly wild time with your friends and family!