Dining at the Zoo

Please note: For the safety of the animals, the Zoo does not provide straws or soft drink lids.

Island Café
Open daily, the Island Café is located just inside Flamingo Plaza. The café serves a variety of dining options including burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fresh salads along with many snacks and frozen treats. There is indoor and outdoor seating. An ATM machine is located inside the café.

Safari Café
Open daily, the Safari Café is located in the Rides Area. Here you take a break from all the exciting rides and enjoy Kinder’s BBQ, hot dogs, ice cream, cotton candy, snacks and cool beverages. On weekends and during the summer grilled specials are cooked on an outdoor grill. There is outdoor seating.

Savanna Watering Hole
Open seasonally, the Savanna Watering Hole is located in the African Savanna. Purchase freshly made soft tacos, nachos, and quesadillas along with ice cream, snacks and beverages. Relax and enjoy your treats in under the shade of a pavilion.

Madagascar Trading Post
Open daily, Madagascar Trading Post is located in the Wayne and Gladys Valley Children’s Zoo. Here you can buy a variety of freshly made wraps, ice cream, snacks and beverages. Enjoy them in the open space next to the play structure.

Budongo Grind
Open seasonally, Budongo Grind is located in the African Veldt next to the giraffe exhibit. Here you can buy ice cream, fresh-roasted coffee, cookies and beverages. Enjoy them as you decide to relax on a bench and watch giraffes and eland across the way.

Ice Cream Cart
The Ice Cream Cart is open daily during the summer months. Cash only at this location. Located near the African Veldt, across from the Giraffes, this cart offers a variety of ice cream. Chilled bottled water is also available.

Picnic Sites
Want to bring a picnic lunch? You can use any of the picnic tables or benches inside the Zoo or spread out a blanket in the Meadow. Picnic sites are also available for rent.

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