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Oakland Zoo believes that experiences in the field can lead to deep connections to wildlife, people and this beautiful planet. Once these connections are made, it is our hope that travelers will be inspired to continue to take action for wildlife. Oakland Zoo leads life-changing trips around the world, visiting wildlife, their habitats, and some of our incredible conservation partners.

Our Eco-trips are engaging and authentic, as we offer experiences that our unique relationships allow. We value and honor human culture as well as wildlife habitats, and our actions reflect this ethic.

Types of Eco-Trips

Conservation Safari

Conservation Safari trips are led by Animal Management staff or Oakland Zoo’s President & CEO, Dr. Parrott. Participants travel to Kenya for ten days to two weeks, where they experience dynamic and exciting wildlife safaris and visit Oakland Zoo’s conservation partners, including the Amboseli Elephant Research Project. These trips offer comfortable lodging.

Current Conservation Safari Trips scheduled:
Wings Over Kenya (January 14-26, 2018)

If you would like to be updated when additional Conservation Safari trips are scheduled, please email colleen@oaklandzoo.org

rides, train Action for Wildlife Expedition

Eco-travel with the Oakland Zoo Conservation team is a bit different than most safaris. We do go looking for wildlife, of course, but we give each activity and each day a dose of authenticity - a genuine experience of culture and conservation action. Our participants join us because they are passionate about conserving wildlife, and our partnerships in the countries we visit allow them to jump in and do just that. Accommodations are rustic to moderate, and participants should expect to chip in and get their hands dirty while learning about and helping our field partners. Our Action for Wildlife Expeditions travel to Guatemala, Uganda and Rwanda, and Borneo.

Current Action for Wildlife Expeditions scheduled:
Giving Back in Guatemala (October 15-24, 2017)

If you would like to be updated when additional Action for Wildlife Expeditions are scheduled, please email amy@oaklandzoo.org

rides, train Teen Eco-Trip

Few experiences can affect teens like international travel. Oakland Zoo has a history of inspiring teens with trips to exciting locations such as Borneo, Guatemala, Uganda, and Madagascar, where we visit our longtime conservation partners to learn about fieldwork and conservation solutions first-hand. Teens on our trips experience it all: hands-on learning, lectures from experts in conservation, and time to soak in the beauty of the wilderness and its wildlife. The unique experience of traveling with Oakland Zoo means that participants have access to areas normally off-limits to tourists, making these trip truly special and ultimately unforgettable. Trips for teens are led by our teen programs director and staff. To be eligible to participate, teens must be a current Teen Wild Guide or ZooCamp Teen Assistant in good standing. Read more about a past Teen Eco-Trip here. To learn more about the upcoming Teen Eco-Trip, please visit our webpage or email Katie Garchar, Teen Volunteer Program Director.

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