Save the Elephants (Kenya)

Save The Elephants, a project of the Wildlife Conservation Network and founded by renowned elephant expert Iain Douglas-Hamilton, is working to protect elephant populations in Kenya.

STE's work consists of four main pillars: research, protection, education and grassroots efforts.

Research. GPS/GSM collars enable STE to track elephant movement 24 hours a day. Collared elephants send text messages every three hours with details of location, air temperature and humidity. Close studies of individuals are shedding light on mating strategies, communication channels and conciousness. And by building accurate maps of the elephants' landscape, vital parts of their range are defined with the corridors that link them. This reduces conflict with humans while allowing elephants continued access to the areas important to them.

Protection. STE assists wildlife departments in their fight against ivory traders and poachers. They protect and monitor elephants with aerial surveilance and radio tracking and believe that a renewed ivory trade remains the greatest potential threat to elephants.

Education. STE disseminates information through films, publications, a computerized elephant library and their website.

Grassroots. STE involves local people in research and education to develop a conservation ethic based on knowledge and elephant needs.

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