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There is so much to explore at the Oakland Zoo. Maybe you want to visit a particular animal or play in the Children's Zoo. Perhaps you want to buy a snack from the Café and eat in the Meadow. Or maybe you want to ride the train or the rollercoaster.

If this is your first visit or even if you've been here before, you might want an Oakland Zoo Map to help you get around.

California Trail

Oakland Zoo is busy building a transformational project, the California Trail, a brand new area of the zoo featuring animals native to California, a gondola, and a restaurant with sweeping views of the Bay Area. Opens Summer 2018!

Animal Feedings

Some animals eat a lot of food several times a day, and some animals only need a little food once a day. Check out our animal feeding schedule to see when our team of zoo keepers and volunteers will be spreading out food for the animals.

Adventure Landing

Oakland Zoo has more than just animals. Come to “Adventure Landing” to enjoy great rides for both adults and children. From the Tiger Trek rollercoaster, Conservation Carousel, Outback Express Adventure Train, and Serengeti Safari - we have many rides that are tons of fun!

African Veldt

The African Veldt is a focal point of the Zoo. Its central location makes an easily accessible meeting point for your family and friends. Here in this large open area, you will find our beautiful herd of giraffes, elands, egyptian geese, and other wild birds who have decided to drop in for the day. While viewing the animals, feel free to rest on a bench and enjoy a tasty treat or cool beverage from the ice cream/water cart.

African Savanna

The African Savanna is located up the hill to the left, just behind the giraffes. Here you will find an enourmous 4-acre area for our amazing elephants, a spacious tree-filled enclosure for our lions, an aviary filled with beautiful birds, and a quiet home for our zebras. Grab a snack or refreshing beverage from the African Savanna Café and take a moment to eat or rest under the pavillion. Restrooms are also located in this area. Before you go, don't forget to see the Vervet Monkeys, sneak through the Savanna Reptile cave, spy on the Hyenas, and crawl through the special Meerkat viewing tunnel. As you explore this area, please take note of the beautiful and unique plant life that is native to the African Savanna.

Rain Forest

As you explore this area of the Zoo, you will notice naturalistic rockwork, vines, climbing structures and lush foliage. Animals like our Chimpanzee, White-Handed Gibbon, Siamang, Cotton-Topped Tamarin, and Squirrel Monkeys live, climb, eat, and relax high in the tree tops. You will also find several types of bird and reptile species in this area as well as our majestic tiger enclosure complete with pond and waterfall.

Wild Austrailia

Australia is home to some amazing and unique animals. Here at the Zoo you will find Emus and Wallaroos roaming about. Want to see them? Jump on the Outback Express Adventure Train (located in the Rides Area), sit back, and relax as you tour "Wild Australia".

Wayne and Gladys Valley Children's Zoo

This four acre exhibit, located within the Oakland Zoo, is part zoo, part children's museum, and part playground. Designed to be a fanciful world of discovery, the Wayne and Gladys Valley Children's Zoo encourages children to learn through exploration and play. Tired and hungry from all the exploration? Grab some food from the Madagascar Trading Post and enjoy a relaxing picnic in the open space. Family Restrooms are located in this area to accomodate families with small children.

WildLife Theater

The Clorox Wildlife Theater is located in the Wayne and Gladys Valley Children's Zoo. This ampitheater is used for a variety of programs including: ZooCamp, Wildlife Assembly, live animal presentations, overnights, and special presentations for other Zoo wide events.

Other Areas of Interest

Not all of our animals, like our Bison, Flamingos, Camels, and Tule Elk fit into one of our main habitats. Don't forget to stop by and see these amazing animals! Bison and Tule Elk are only viewable from the Sky Ride.

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