Teen Programs: Field Biology Workshops

Field Biology Workshops for Teens Looking for a new way to engage your middle and high school science classes? Want to incorporate the new Next Generation Science Standards practices into your classroom?

Get your students thinking, learning and acting like scientists with our new Field Biology Workshops!

Bring the world into your classroom!

Designed to bring the practices of the NGSS directly into the classroom using real-life conservation challenges, our workshops are an innovative way to introduce technology, careers and the skills of field biology into your classroom. Each one- or two-session workshop will incorporate a field biology problem based on real life, such as the California Condor Recovery Program or the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park, and ask students to evaluate and analyze real data and make recommendations for the conservation of those species.

Technologies used may include GPS tracking and radio telemetry. Emphasis is placed on practicing the skills of scientists (asking questions, arguing from evidence, making models, etc.) and encouraging students to think critically when making scientific recommendations.

Workshops are offered in one-hour sessions designed to fit in to a class period. Teachers also have the option to schedule a follow-up workshop with an assignment and discussions to be completed between the two sessions.

We are currently piloting this program with selected partner schools, and expect to have workshops and pricing available to the general public in late Spring 2014.

Please check back here for more info, or contact the Teen Programs Manager with additional questions.

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