Project Golden Frog (Panama)

These beautiful, yellow and black amphibians are found in mountainous regions of Panama and are are classified as Critically Endangered by The World Conservation Union (IUCN) due to habitat loss and the spread of the deadly chytrid fungus.

Frogs that already suffer from the fungus can be cured by veterinarians, but they cannot be returned to the wild because of the certainty of re-infection and death.

In response to the decline and disappearance of Golden Frog populations, a group of concerned biologists convened and formed Project Golden Frog (PGF), a conservation group consisting of scientific, educational, and zoological institutions in the Republic of Panama and the United States.

PGF is a proactive conservation initiative whose single, simple goal is to ensure the survival of one of the most well known, culturally significant, and charismatic amphibians in the world.

PGF directs a coordinated conservation effort with both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Through education, the group is working to create heightened awareness of current global amphibian declines and greater respect for wildlife among Panamanians and global citizens. Their efforts also focus on further land preservation for threatened and endangered species throughout the world. For more info, please visit their website:

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