In the Field Latin America

Conservation is a primary concern at Oakland Zoo.

We take Action for Wildlife in Central and South America by supporting in-the-field conservation programs such as ARCAS, Proyecto Tití, and more.

Proyecto Tití (Colombia)

Proyecto Tití is a multidisciplinary conservation program that combines field research with educational and community programs, to make the conservation of natural resources economically feasible for local communities in Colombia.

Project Golden Frog (Panama)

These beautiful, yellow and black amphibians are found in mountainous regions of Panama and are are classified as Critically Endangered by The World Conservation Union (IUCN) due to habitat loss and the spread of the deadly chytrid fungus. Project Golden Frog is a proactive conservation initiative whose single, simple goal is to ensure the survival of one of the most well-known, culturally significant, and charismatic amphibians in the world.

ARCAS (Guatemala)

The ARCAS Rescue Center is one of the largest and most complex wildlife rehabilitation centers in the world, a leader in training programs for other wildlife rescue groups. In addition to rescuing wildlife from the pet trade, ARCAS has also branched out into other important conservation activities including environmental education, marine turtle conservation, sustainable community development, and reforestation.

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