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Animal Keeper working with a fruit bat. Is being an Animal Keeper your dream job? Want to learn more about Animal Keeper careers? Zoo keeping offers a unique opportunity for an individual to pursue a career that is stimulating as well as demanding. The personal gratification of successfully maintaining wild animals can be rewarding. The Oakland Zoo offers a variety of volunteer and internship opportunities.

A career in Animal Care can be challenging. It requires dedication and commitment. Zoo keeping is a specialized career with limited job opportunities. The work requires both good physical condition and mental alertness. You must be willing to work long hours in all types of weather for less than premium wages. Qualifications for a zoo keeping position vary from zoo to zoo but generally a college degree in zoology, or another animal related field, and 1-2 years paid experience working with exotic animals in a captive environment are the entry level requirements. Volunteer and intern experience may be considered; hours must be verifiable and good references help.

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