Oakland Zoo Picnic Sites

We have a variety of picnic site avaiable which are listed below. Please click on the small map to the left to see a larger map showing you were they are all located.

For large groups, you may reserve the entire lower park (upon availability) or you may reserve multiple sites. Any combination of the sites listed may be reserved per availability. The fees for each site reserved will be totaled. No Refunds will be given for a cancelled multiple site reservation.

We encourage you to visit the Oakland Zoo. For details on general admission fees, please click here.

Camel Creek

Tables: 5 tables

Seating: 60 people

BBQ: 2 BBQ's

Restrooms: Between Lion Lookout & Tiger Timbers.

Grasshopper Grove

Tables: 3 tables

Seating: 30 people

BBQ: 3 BBQ (3' x 8')

Restrooms: Between Lion Lookout & Tiger Timbers

Parking: Loop Road   (SPACE IS LIMITED!)

Lion Lookout

Tables: 11 tables; 7 long, 4 short, 2 prep

Seating: 130 people

BBQ: 1 BBQ (3'x8')

Tiger Timbers

Tables: 12 tables; 8 long; 4 short; 2 prep

Seating: 150 people

BBQ: 1 BBQ (3'x8')

Parking: Loop Road   (SPACE IS LIMITED!)

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