Press Release: 07/24/2013

Information About Bat Incident

Nicky Mora, Senior Marketing Manager/PR
(510) 632-9525 ext. 130

Friends of Oakland Zoo July 23, there was some news coverage of a wild bat found at Oakland Zoo. This was a wild bat, not one of our exhibit animals. The bat carried the rabies virus and, unfortunately, may have bit a zoo volunteer as she was taking it to our zookeepers for care. In circumstances like this, zoo veterinarians are required to euthanize the animal and send it to vector control for testing. We found out on July 23 that the bat did test positive for rabies and the teen volunteer is undergoing post-exposure treatments as recommended by her doctor, even though there was no puncture wound from the bite and she is feeling just fine.

We do not believe there is any increased danger of rabies being transmitted to people in Knowland Park. In the last two years, native bats have tested positive for rabies in Berkeley, San Lorenzo, Pleasanton, Hayward, and Fremont. The virus is present in many areas but only infects a small percentage of wild animals. This type of bat, a Mexican free-tailed, can be found throughout Alameda County. If you have additional concerns about this incident, please contact us at (510) 632-9525.

As a reminder, if you see a wild animal, such as a bat, raccoon, skunk, or fox acting peculiar, do not touch or approach the animal. Instead, call Oakland Animal Control, (510) 535-5602, or Vector Control (510) 567-6800. A trained professional can assist in the situation. Also, please remember to have your pets up to date with their rabies vaccination. ###


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