Leftover Pumpkin Feast


Contact: Nicky Mora, Senior Manager, Marketing/PR

(510) 632-9525 ext. 130


Oakland, CA, November 17, 2011...Halloween is over but there's a surplus amount of pumpkins at the Oakland Zoo to keep the celebration going. Hundreds of the orange edibles are becoming lunch for animals. Truckloads of orange vegetables were donated by Bay Area businesses, and for the next few weeks, the public can watch elephants eat plump pumpkins, tigers chew apart jack-o-lanterns, sun bears get their claws full of seeds, and baboons unwrap goodies stuck inside gourds. "Pumpkins are a great seasonal enrichment for all of the animals at the Oakland Zoo, said Colleen Kinzley, Director of Animal Care, Conservation, and Research." "Many of the animals such as elephants, chimpanzees, baboons, goats, parrots and camels enjoy eating and playing with the pumpkins. In the case of others like the tigers, bears, otters and meerkats, we use the pumpkins as feeding devices by caving holes into the pumpkins and hiding treats inside; bears may tear them open while meerkats might burrow inside."

On Thursday, November 17 starting at 9:00am, the leftover feast begins.

Media Advisory: Photo opportunities are available on 11/17 beginning at 9:00am.

  9:00am  Elephants
  9:30am  Tigers
10:00am   Sun bears
10:30am   Baboons

Please contact Nicky Mora at (510) 632-9525, ext 130 if you plan on attending.

Thanks to the generous donation of hundreds of pumpkins from Johnnie Moore's Pumpkins, Holly Prinz of Pick of the Patch Pumpkins, and Tommy Speer of Speer Family Farm, the Oakland Zoo has pumpkin treats for several months!


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