Press Release: 10/11/2012

New Veterinary Hospital Opens

Nicky Mora, Senior Manager, Marketing/PR
(510) 632-9525 x130

Oakland, CA October 11, 2012

On Thursday, October 11, 2012, Oakland Zoo opened a new state-of-the-art 17,000 square foot Veterinary Medical Hospital. The facility was designed to accommodate a variety of zoo animals and their specific needs – from sun and humidity-loving reptiles, to tiny birds, to cold-adapted grizzly bears.

“Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital is the largest wild animal veterinary facility in Northern California and probably one of the top ten in the country,” said Dr. Karen Emanuel, Director of Veterinary Services at Oakland Zoo. It allows the Zoo to move into the next generation of care and conservation.”

The new facility will replace a fifty-one year old clinic, which measured 1,200 square feet in size and was originally designed for a much smaller organization and collection of animals. The new hospital was designed with animal care, comfort, and treatment in mind.

“The immediate benefit to the healthcare of animals in the Zoo’s collection is only the beginning of the hospital’s applications,” said Andrea Goodnight, Associate Veterinarian at Oakland Zoo. “This facility will be utilized in the Oakland Zoo’s missions – educating veterinary students and animal health professionals and supporting scientists in their conservation endeavors – and will truly be a center for lifelong learning.” “Our goal is to provide an optimal, comfortable respite for Zoo animals in order to speed recovery from illness or injury,” said Dr. Parrott, President & CEO of Oakland Zoo.

This new LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building includes solar panels, extensive day lighting, renewable materials, recycled content materials, high performance materials, water conservation, in-slab radiant heating, and an electric vehicle charging station. Features also include:
• The latest technology and veterinary equipment to treat nearly all 660 animals (96 species) at the Zoo
• Small and large animal exam and surgery rooms
• Radiology suite
• An animal care wing, containing multiple holdings and indoor and outdoor access for animals
• An aquatic animal area with an indoor pool
• Several climate-controlled rooms for creatures requiring specialized temperatures and humidity specifications
• A quarantine area with its own airflow system
• A diagnostic lab with a blood chemistry and CBC analyzer to provide critical patient information within minutes of sample collection
• Digital radiographic imaging will allow veterinarians to obtain superior quality diagnostic radiographs (x-rays) with less radiation exposure
• New endoscopy equipment will expand diagnostic capabilities, while decreasing the invasiveness of sample collection.

Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Medical Hospital is a critical component for maintaining the Zoo’s demonstration of best practices in wildlife management and animal care. The new 17,000 square-foot facility will enable expanded animal research and teaching opportunities with the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as partnership opportunities for other facilities and institutions regionally, like the California Condor Recovery Team, and throughout the United States.

The Zoo will initiate the Koret Wildlife Veterinary Teaching Program to provide a framework for advancing student training by qualified veterinary staff through experience with wild and exotic animals. Grant funding from the Koret Foundation will allow Oakland Zoo to provide a facility that can bring in students for regular training visits, to get hands-on, clinical, experience with wildlife cases. The potential impact and teaching value of this program will extend to universities and institutions throughout the region and enable the Oakland Zoo to become a host site for continuing education.


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