Saving Wildlife with Each Visit - Featured Programs for 2017!

Each time you visit the animals at the Oakland Zoo, you will be helping animals in the wild. Oakland Zoo has launched an initiative called "Quarters for Conservation", which dramatically enhances our ability to support wildlife conservation. You, our members and visitors, are part of this incredible effort to take action for wildlife.

Your Vote Counts!

Each October, the funds collected are calculated. Fifty percent is designated for on-going Oakland Zoo Action for Wildlife programs and partnerships. The other half is earmarked for the three projects featured. Each project will get a substantial funding gift, determined by the distribution of tokens or “votes”.

A remarkable shift in the role zoos play in the world of conservation emerges as Quarters for Conservation takes the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) by storm. With over eighteen zoos already involved and more planning to launch, saving wildlife is possible!

Take Action for Tamarins!

wildlife conservation, wild animals Cotton-top tamarins are tiny monkeys that only exist in the tropical forests of northern Colombia in South America. They are losing their home to deforestation, and are also victims of the illegal pet trade. Proyecto Tití is working to guarantee a future for this charismatic little monkey, by protecting their habitat and working with local communities, providing conservation education and income alternatives to reduce the unsustainable use of forest resources.

Bring Bison Home!

wildlife conservation, wild animals Bison, North America's largest land mammal, once roamed the continent and played an important role in the prairie landscape. But today, wild bison are absent from most of their historic range, and their genetic diversity is threatened by isolated herds. Native Americans have long had an important spiritual and cultural relationship with bison. Oakland Zoo has partnered with the Blackfeet Nation through the Iinnii Initiative, which will return bison to tribal lands in Montana, provide educational programs, and promote bison conservation and cultural preservation.

Leap High for Frogs and Toads!

wildlife conservation, wild animals Frogs and toads may be small, but they are important species that show how healthy their environment is. All around the world, amphibians are struggling with the threats of habitat loss, climate change, non-native predators, and disease. Oakland Zoo's Biodiversity Program is working to save these special animals by breeding Puerto Rican Crested Toads to release their tadpoles to the wild, and rearing Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs to help them fight the chytrid fungus before they return to their Sierra Nevada habitat.

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