Saving Wildlife with Each Visit - Featured Programs for 2016!

Each time you visit the animals at the Oakland Zoo, you will be helping animals in the wild. Oakland Zoo has launched an initiative called "Quarters for Conservation", which dramatically enhances our ability to support wildlife conservation. You, our members and visitors, are part of this incredible effort to take action for wildlife.

Your Vote Counts!

Each October, the funds collected are calculated. Fifty percent is designated for on-going Oakland Zoo Action for Wildlife programs and partnerships. The other half is earmarked for the three projects featured. Each project will get a substantial funding gift, determined by the distribution of tokens or “votes”.

A remarkable shift in the role zoos play in the world of conservation emerges as Quarters for Conservation takes the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) by storm. With over eighteen zoos already involved and more planning to launch, saving wildlife is possible!

Dig Deep for Burrowing Owls!

wildlife conservation, wild animals Watch your step - you might be in owl territory! The burrowing owl is in need of our awareness and care, with a population decrease of eighty-six percent in some parts of the Bay Area due to habitat loss. Golden Gate Audubon Society is partnering with city marinas, state parks, and local nature centers to monitor the owls in the few areas they remain. Golden Gate Audubon works to conserve burrowing owls - and many other at-risk local birds - by restoring vital shoreline habitats, conducting citizen-science events, and educating the public about this unique, native bird.

Welcome Home, Wolves!

wildlife conservation, wild animals Imagine hearing the sound of a wolf howl in California’s wilderness! Wolves were eradicated in the Golden State by humans almost a century ago, but now they are moving back into their historic range. Human-wildlife conflict is the primary threat to wolf recovery in California. The California Wolf Center is leading the way to welcome wolves back home by providing innovative solutions to wolf-livestock conflicts, and education programs that help people successfully share the landscape with this iconic species.

Be a Champion for Chimps!

wildlife conservation, wild animals Chimpanzees and humans are so much alike, yet we face challenges sharing our planet. In the forests of Uganda, it is estimated that thirty percent of chimpanzees have injuries from being caught in snares set illegally by poachers. The Budongo Snare Removal Project helps chimpanzees by employing eco-guards to remove the snares, supplying goats as sustenance to ex-hunters, and educating the community about the environment. This project serves as a model for others facing the growing challenges around human-wildlife conflict

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