Rides Area

rides, family, children, cafe The Oakland Zoo has more than just animals; we also have a Rides Area for adults and children to enjoy! Dip and turn on a rollercoaster, ride a wild animal on the carousel, enjoy a relaxing ride on the Outback Express Adventure Train, and much more! Tickets can be purchased for $1.50 each or a booklet of 16 for $21.00. Please note the Sky Ride is located inside the Zoo and requires Zoo Admission. The Rides Area is is open during normal business hours.

rides, skyride Sky Ride (located inside the Zoo)
Fly high on the Safari Sky Ride. Soaring above the zoo, you will see great views of the Oakland Zoo and the Bay area skyline.

Tickets Required: 2
Age Required: Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

rides, train Outback Express Adventure Train
Sit back, relax, and take you a tour of Wild Australia, featuring emus and wallaroos. Go Down Under in this Australian themed exhibit.

Tickets Required: 2
Age Required: None. Children under 2 are FREE

rides, family, children, Endangered Species Carousel
Enjoy a leisurly ride with some amazing animals.

Tickets Required: 1
Height Required: 42" or any size with adult, adults stand free.

rides, family, children, Tiger Coaster
The Tiger Coaster is loads of fun; this kiddie coaster will give you a roaring good time. Hang on tight to your tail!

Tickets Required: 2
Height Required: 48" or 36"- 48" with adult 18+

rides, family, children, Road Runner (big cars)
Pretend you are at a classic car show where kids can sit in the drivers seat while acting cool.

Tickets Required: 1
Height Required: 36"-54", 60" brakes

rides, family, children, Red Baron (airplanes)
Enjoy flying on the Red Baron!

Tickets Required: 1
Height Required: 36" - 58"

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