The Oakland Zoo is an active partner of Save , formerly known as the Center for Ecosystem Survival. The primary goal is to increase individual participation and awareness of worldwide conservation by providing opportunities for direct action. With the support of school children, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, and other conservation-minded individuals and organizations, Save has been successful in raising over $2 million to protect rainforests and coral reefs in Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Panama, Bolivia, Brazil, and Micronesia to name just a few.

We help Save with fundraising by using their unique conservation parking meters. The organization has modified ordinary street parking meters to accept donations of small change to save habitat. The Conservation Parking Meter combines educational information about tropical rainforest conservation with the opportunity for individual action. In place of the red violation flag, a colorful hummingbird flies across the face of the meter every time a visitor inserts coins and turns the dial.

The change we collect from these conservation parking meters is sent to purchase rainforest land for migration corridors in the Talamanca and Guanacaste Conservation Areas of Costa Rica. Every 25 cent contribution saves 90 square feet of tropical rainforest so remember to "give your change to make a change" whenever you see a Conservation Parking Meter!

For more information about the Lubee Bat Conservancy, visit: http:/

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