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Oakland Zoo Helps Save Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frogs
After multiple months of waiting for final permits, Oakland Zoo has acquired the required state and federal permits to help save the Mountain Yellow-Legged frog, a highly endangered amphibian....

Giraffe Acupuncture at Oakland Zoo

ZooKids Program at Oakland Zoo: Workshop for Kids on Weekends
Do you have some Saturday errands to run? Why not drop off your child for ZooKids at Oakland Zoo while you check some items off your to-do list? ZooKids classes are a great way for children...

ZooCamp at Oakland Zoo

Felicia and Morris Talk About Eastern Box Turtle, Carolina
Eastern Box Turtles can grow up to 8 in. (20 cm.). Eastern Box Turtles eats snails, worms, insects, spiders, frogs, snakes, lizards, small mammals, carrion a...

ZooMobile: How Oakland Zoo Can Come to Your Home or School

Felicia and Morris Talk About California King Snakes and ZooCamp

ZooMobile: Can't Come to the Zoo? Oakland Zoo Can Come to You!

California King Snakes Can Conquer Rattle Snakes

Eastern Box Turtle
How can you tell the difference between a turtle and tortiose? You can tell them apart by the shape of their shell, if the shell is flat more than likely it'...

Wildlife Wednesday with Felicia and Morris: Talking about King Snakes
California King Snakes grow to at least 3 feet long and eats Mice, lizards, birds, other snakes. Crepuscular, but nocturnal during hot, summer months. http:/...

Become an Oakland Zoo Member

Parents Night Off: Drop Off the Kids While Parents Enjoy an Evening Off

Parents Night Off: Childcare Program at Oakland Zoo

Blue Tongued Skink with Felicia and Morris
Members receive free admission and parking for the whole year as well as free or discounted admissions to Zoos all over the country! You will receive a disco...

ZooKids at Oakland Zoo
Morris and Felicia are talking about a Saturday morning program called ZooKids. ZooKids classes are a great way for children age 4-5 to have a fun and educat...

Zoovie Night at Oakland Zoo
Put on your jammies and enjoy an evening of Zoovie magic with the whole family. Bring your pillows, blankets, and chairs and snuggle up in our auditorium for...

Oakland Zoo Zoovie Night
Come to the Oakland zoo in your Pj's for a fun family night (Zoovie Night). Have some snacks and watch an animal oriented movie with the whole family. $7 per...

Wild Life Wednesday with Felicia and Morris

Ferret on Wild Life Wednesday

Enjoy a morning of snacks, lemonade, and–of course–tea, and learn about different animals. Then help craft enrichment gifts for Oakland Zoo's own animals, an...

Teddy Bear Tea at Oakland Zoo
Oakland Zoo cordially invites children, their parent and teddy bear to learn all about one of our Zoo's special animals. Everyone gets to enjoy a morning of ...

Western Pond Turtle hatchlings at Oakland Zoo
Western Pond turtles are part of the head start program at Oakland Zoo. The Western Pond turtle (or WPT as we refer to them around the zoo) is the only fresh...

Tiger Trek
KOFY TV Host Morris Knight and Education Specialist Felicia Walker take us along the Tiger Trek ride at the oakland zoo.

Oakland Zoo Rides "Conservation Carousel"
KOFY TV Host Morris Knight and Education Specialist Felicia Walker ride along on the conservation carousel in Adventure Landing at the Oakland Zoo. Do you wa...

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