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Animal Keeper working with a Aldabra Tortoise. The goal of Zoo Keepers at the Oakland Zoo is to provide animals with safe environments which stimulate and encourage natural behaviors. While providing this type of care for animals, we also hope to inspire Zoo visitors about habitats and animals. Our hope is that our example will transpire change and encourage people to help preserve wild habitats.

Oakland Zoo's animal keepers are a vital part of the organization. Animal keepers care for our diverse array of animals. Some keepers are highly specialized, while others concentrate on a specific group of animals. Important basic duties of animal keepers include daily cleaning and maintentance of animal enclosures and proper feeding of the animals under their care. Animal keepers may also help design, build and repair animal enclosures and care for the plants in and around the exhibits. Being an animal keeper isn't easy. It requires dedication, commitment, and patience. Keepers must be reliable and willing to learn. Concern for an animal's welfare is essential.

For more information about Animal Keepers please see the resources below:

AZA Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
Australasian Zoo Keeping.

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