Yummy, Yummy, in the Elephants Tummy
by | April 5th, 2010

Donna feasting while visitors watch, photo by author

Feast for the Beasts was a big success yet again, with four hungry elephants, and what looked like four hundred eager visitors ready to work. While the elephants watched from afar, two large groups of zoo visitors, one at a time, trickled into the enclosure. They were then explained the guidelines, and had fifteen minutes to scatter and hide the produce they provided around the elephants habitat far and wide. It was amazing to watch everybody split off into different areas of the yard. The smiles on the young children’s faces were priceless as they got to choose what fruit or veggie they were going to hide and where they were going to hide it. Under a rock? In the pool? Buried in the grass? Produce was everywhere! Amongst the favorite of the elephants were several melons, pumpkins, and pineapples.

A Dad and his son choose which yummy item to hide, photo by author

The best part about this day is that the elephants know what is happening because as soon as the keepers shift them, they race as fast as they can up the path into the exhibit, and seek out the best produce. Each elephant split off into different directions shoving trunkfuls of yummies into their mouths as fast as possible. There was even a little rivalry between Osh and M’Dunda. This spread kept them occupied for a couple of hours, and the keepers fed them a little less produce throughout the rest of the day so they wouldn’t have upset tummies.

The keepers and staff would like to send a huge thank you to all the visitors who came out, donating their time and groceries, to give the elephants a very special and exciting day. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this day a success, whether by sorting produce, collecting tickets, or helping guide our guests. Our next Feast for the Beast event is Saturday, July 17.

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