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Each time you visit the animals at Oakland Zoo, you conserve animals in the wild! Oakland Zoo’s "Quarters for Conservation" program makes you the conservation hero by dedicating 50 cents of your admission and 2 dollars of your membership fee to support wildlife conservation. You, our members and visitors, are part of this incredible team effort to take action for wildlife.



Conservation Approach

Your Vote Counts

Each October, the funds collected are calculated. One third of the funds support our three featured Q4C projects. Each project will get a substantial funding gift, determined by the distribution of tokens or “votes”. One third of the funds are dedicated to our conservation projects and partners around the globe, and the other third supports our on-site conservation projects.

Making a Difference

A remarkable shift in the role zoos play in the world of conservation emerges as Quarters for Conservation takes the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) by storm. With over eighteen zoos already involved and more planning to launch, saving wildlife is possible!

Oakland Zoo Takes Action

Be Aware of Black Bears 

Black bears live in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, close to the local residents and the visitors of this world famous natural destination. The Bear League works to prevent bears from entering homes, rentals, and restaurants where they are looking for an easy meal. This support will fund local bear education and state-of-the-art Bear Scare deterrent mats that give a wandering bear a little negative message, urging them away from people and into the safety of the wild.

Live with Our Mountain Lions

Let’s learn how to live with mountain lions! Residents of the Bay Area are fortunate to share this beautiful habitat with our own magnificent big cats. The Mountain Lion Foundation is working to create a peaceful urban and rural home for both people and lions through protecting livestock, incentives for collaboration, and engaging education, securing a successful co-existence for all. 

Welcome Wolves to California

Wolves are returning to California after many years and the California Wolf Center is helping to create a happy homecoming! Teaming with the ranching community, the program aims to help eliminate wolf-livestock conflict. Riding on horseback through areas where wolves may be active, Range Stewards reduce vulnerability of livestock and provide a human presence which alone can deter wolves. These actions increase connection and tolerance of ranchers, ensuring livestock are safe and wolves achieve long term recovery.

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