Action for Wildlife: Sign up for eScrip

What is eScrip?

eScrip is a great and easy way to raise money for the Zoo without costing you any money - other than what you already spend. Contributions from EScrip help the Oakland Zoo do more for wildlife everywhere!

How does it work?
  • Register any or all of your cards - grocery loyalty, credit or debit cards.

  • Select the group(s) - up to three - you wish to help support, such as Oakland Zoo, Account #: 3347332

  • Shop at any of the participating merchants, using the card(s) you registered. You can choose to shop online or in-store. Merchants will contribute up to 5% of your purchase to Oakland Zoo.

  • Track your purchases and contributions online, and see just how much you are helping us earn!

Who are the participating merchants?

Major companies, such as Safeway, American Airlines, and Big O Tires, as well as many local merchants!

How you can sign up
  • Visit the EScrip website

  • Once you have entered your information, select Oakland Zoo as your recipient group!:
    Oakland Zoo, Account #: 3347332

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