12 Months of Going Green: Show the Planet Love!

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Going Green Means Taking Action for Wildlife. Many people are aware of the threat of lead poisoning to the California Condors. There is, however, another significant threat that causes 40% of known deaths in wild condor nestlings in California.

Microtrash refers to small fragments of trash such as broken glass, bottle caps, plastic, wire, and metal. It is thought that adult condors ingest these pieces, mistaking them for the calcium-rich food sources needed for chick growth and development. They then feed the microtrash to their chicks, which can cause intestinal perforation or impaction, leading to death.

Oakland Zoo works closely with Ventana Wildlife Society to treat and rehabilitate condors with lead poisoning, but microtrash issues can only be solved if everyone makes the effort. Pick up trash whenever you see it, and make sure that your trash is secured so it can't blow away or be carried off. Recycling and reusing items will mean less trash overall, which is good for all wildlife!.

Get the Facts

  • In the U.S., 10,000 sheets of copy paper are used per year per person on average in offices alone. That's a whopping 4 million tons annually!

  • Recycling an aluminum can requires less than 5% of the energy that is expended creating a new can.

  • It takes about 1 million years for a glass bottle to break down in a landfill.

  • If offices in the U.S. cut paper use by just 10% (490,000 metric tons), greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 1.45 metric tons. That's the equivalent to taking 280,000 cars off the road for a year!

You Can Too

Tips You Can Use at Home!

  • Plastic Bag Rehab! Did you know that there is a there's a plastic trash pile in the ocean bigger than Texas?! Eliminate plastic bags from your life - and the ocean - simply purchase a reusable bag.

  • Recycle your paper products, plastic, glass and aluminum cans If you don't have it already, you can see if your city has a curbside recycling program.

  • Choose reusable bags. Eliminate plastic bags from your life by purchasing a reusable one!

  • Just Say No to Junk Mail It's simple to stop unwanted mail. Go to DMAchoice.org to manage what mail you want to receive, or opt out completely. The Federal Trade Commission recommends optoutprescreen.com to stop the preapproved mail offers of credit and insurance.

Download a stylish (and printable) PDF version of this Green Tip sheet here