Free & Discounted Programs

Application are accepted between September 1, 2018 - January 31, 2019

Kindergarten, Grades 1–5, Middle School, High School

Program Months: October–March
Days: Monday–Friday


Title 1 schools in the Greater Bay Area that meet a minimum of 65% Free & Reduced Meal program
Qualifying Zoo Programs
ZooSchool, Wildlife Assembly, School ZooMobile, and Field Biology Workshops
Teacher Responsibilities
All teachers participating in a Zoo-to-Community program are required to participate in our PRE and POST surveys. Your application cannot be reviewed until the PRE surveys are completed by each teacher listed in the application.
When to Apply
Zoo-to-Community funding and programs are available from October through March. Applications will only be accepted after September 1st through January 31st. All applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis and are accepted based on availability of funds.
How to Apply
Scholarship Availability: Dependent on funding, we may need to limit the number of Zoo-to-Community programs available to each district and school. Please check with us before sending in your application.
Fill out the Request Form for the desired School Program:
Ensure all signatures and contact information are included.
Email the ZTC Application and the corresponding program Request Form to our Reservations Associate or fax to 510-729-7324.
Each teacher named on the application must complete the PRE survey on SurveyMonkey. Please notify our Reservations Associate by email once all teachers have submitted their surveys.
History of Zoo-to-Community
Launched in 2006, the project was conceived in response to the need for improved science literacy and outdoor education experiences, and to encourage students to pursue an interest in veterinary, biological, ecological, and conservation sciences.
By removing barriers to participation through free programs and bus transportation, we are able to reach thousands of students through the Zoo-to-Community program.
If you have any questions about the Zoo-to-Community application please contact:
Betty Villalta, Program Director, CA Trail, Community and Public Programs at bvillalta@oaklandzoo.org


P.O. Box 5238

9777 Golf Links Road Oakland, CA 94605