Woodland Fairy Home Building Workshop

creating and building with items from nature

April 8, 22, 2018




Zimmer Auditorium

Non-Member Adult: $15
Non-Member Child: $55
Member Adult: $12
Member Child: $50

These whimsical cottages make perfect homes for fanciful, woodland creatures and any resident fairies in your garden. We’ll build them out of natural materials we find in the park, but feel free to bring stones, marbles, acorns, ribbon, interesting branches, or anything else you may want to incorporate into your creation. Because these homes are made of natural objects, they also serve as seed and nut sources for the real animals that visit your back yard. We’ll supply fairy home-building basics, plenty of natural materials and bric-a-brac, and of course, fairy dust! Each child will create and build one fairy home to bring home.


When you leave, take your Woodland Creatures Home with you to hide in your own special place.


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9777 Golf Links Road Oakland, CA 94605