Tiles FAQ

When can I see my tile?

Orders received by March 1st will be installed by the opening of California Trail in June 2018. If your order is placed after that date, production and installation may take several months. We will contact you with an exact date.

How long will my tile be at California Trail?

These are very durable and heavy high pressure laminate (HPL) tiles designed for outdoor use.  Your tile should last 20 years or more.

What if I want to order more than one tile?

Each order must be submitted separately.

Can I add additional characters on each line?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the way the tiles are manufactured, it is not possible to include more text.

Where will the tile wall be located?

Along the California Trail at Oakland Zoo.

Will there be a map so I can find my tile(s)?

Yes, a map will be available on our website. We will provide you with the link when your tile is installed.

Still have questions?

If you have additional questions, please email Sally Donnell or phone her at (510) 632-9525, ext. 151.

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