Arroyo Viejo Creek Project


A clean and beautiful stretch of the Arroyo Viejo Creek runs through Oakland Zoo grounds secretly flowing under the entrance road to the Park.

The Arroyo Viejo Creek Restoration Project began with a mission to repair damaged and neglected stream areas by preventing bank erosion, increasing stability, and improving habitat for creek wildlife. Done in partnership with the California Coastal Conservancy, the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, and the City of Oakland Measure DD Bond, the project was completed in early 2007. The goal was to increase native plant species, wildlife habitat and public access along with creating outdoor classrooms near the creek banks. The need for interpretive elements along the creek led to the development of a series of signs that ask the following engaging questions: "What is a Watershed?", "How do Creeks Work?", "Who Lives Inside the Creek?", "Who Lives Around the Creek?", "Why are Riparian Plants Important?" and "Humans in the Watershed." Oakland Zoo is now poised to take on a more significant watershed education and conservation role.

Challenges to Conservation

Conservation Approaches

Oakland Zoo Takes Action...

The Arroyo Viejo Creek Project provides a critical opportunity for the Oakland Zoo to use the watershed as a way to provide hands on educational opportunities that will immerse students in science and underscore the delicate balance and interdependence between plants, animals, and humans. The continuing restoration projects include removal of non-natives, planting of native habitat, holding classes in the six outdoor classrooms, and maintaining a connecting trail to the rest of Knowland Park. The Oakland Zoo uses the creek as an outdoor laboratory to teach students and guests about habitats, backyard wildlife, watersheds, and the effects humans can have on their environment. A group of committed community members has been established to care for the creek. Oakland Zoo is looking forward to connecting people to their own backyards and inspiring stewardship of our California ecosystem.

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