Roots and Shoots

World Wide

An international organization founded by Dr. Jane Goodall to promote conservation leadership and action among young people, this powerful, youth-driven network fosters a fun, flexible and supportive environment where kids and adults alike come together to share ideas and inspiration, implement successful community service projects and participate in special events and global campaigns.

The Roots & Shoots program is about making positive change happen--for our communities, for animals and for the environment. With tens of thousands of young people in almost 100 countries, the Roots & Shoots network branches out across the globe, connecting youth of all ages who share a common desire to help make our world a better place.

Challenges to Conservation

Conservation Approaches

Oakland Zoo Takes Action...

At the Oakland Zoo, all of the Teen Wild Guides are affiliated with Roots & Shoots. Each semester, teens have the opportunity to earn their hours by participating in 3-4 Roots & Shoots activities. In the past, we have raised money for refugees in Tanzania, created pollinator habitats, participated in beach clean-ups, and assisted in sending thousands of pencils to students in Africa for environmental education.

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...And So Can You!