Security Officer


Schedule and Salary

Start Date: 
March 1, 2019
Application Deadline: 
Open until filled
How to Apply


General Security and Customer Service Duties.  Upholds the mission and values established the East Bay Zoological Society (the “Zoo”) and adheres to policies and procedures as set forth by the Zoo.


1.Extends professional courtesy and assistance to the public and other employees while immediately reporting dishonest ones.

2.Prevents, points out, and reports illegalities and policy violations. Assists with Internal Investigations.

3.Provides access at Zoo Entrances whenever possible while greeting and thanking Guests.

4.Completes Daily Activity Logs.

5.Initiates and writes Accident/Incident/Hazard Reports and various other documentation required to protect Zoo assets and liability.

6.Conducts vehicle and foot patrols relative to opening and locking gates, Robbery Prevention, Public Safety, and Building Security.

7.Participates in Rental Facility Event Security (optional).

8.Sets and responds to alarms.

9.Conducts and logs Gift Shop and Food Stand / Restaurant Receipt Checks.

10.Performs and logs Cashier Ticket Audits / Stop Sign Ticket Checks.

11.Conducts Employee Personal Property Checks, Food Stand Walkthroughs, and Break Room / Warehouse Checks.

12.Performs Revenue Escorts.

13.Serves as and relieves the Main Gate Guard.

14.Controls Parking and Traffic Flow (with support of the Grounds Dept.).

15.Monitors and reports Zoo and Employee vehicle excessive speed violations and improper or careless use of Zoo Equipment.

16.Places and retrieves traffic cones, temporary signs, and barriers.

17.Maintains post and vehicle cleanliness.

18.Reports and logs Lost and Found Items.

19.Cones off and issues rules to users of Picnic / Party Areas.

20.Clears / Closes Zoo, Rides Area, Picnic / Party Areas.

21.Controls Litter.

22.Finds and re-unites lost children with their parents / guardians.

23.Demonstrates superior customer service, both internal (i.e. co-workers) and external (vendors, visitors, customers, etc).

24.Demonstrates knowledge of, and supports, the East Bay Zoological Society’s mission, vision, value statements, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality standards, and the code of behavior.

25.Performs other related duties as required and assigned.

Required Capabilities

Over 21 years of age preferred since some events include alcohol, but must be over the age of 18.

Must be able to problem solve and effectively read, write, and take directions in English.

Must agree to utilize a time clock / hand scan to document personnel arrival and departure times as well as lunch periods.

Must comply with a Dress Code that includes properly wearing a prescribed uniform and being neatly groomed.

Must have a current California Driver’s License and maintain a good D.M.V. Driving Record (that satisfies the Zoo’s Insurance Carrier).

Must be reliable, dependable, honest, courteous, and professional while ensuring confidentiality when necessary.

Must be available to work weekends and holidays unless otherwise authorized.

Able to bend and twist, lift, stand, kneel, sit, walk, bend, stoop and speak regularly and for long periods of time (8 hour shifts) 

Required Education

High School Graduate or G.E.D.

Current State of California Security Guard Card preferred.

Required Experience

Must have experience working with the public.

Previous Security experience preferred.


How to Apply