Oakland Zoo – Staff Veterinarian


Schedule and Salary

Varies - Ability to work week-ends, holidays occasional after-hour assignments
Varies - Occasional after-hour assignments
Start Date: 
$75,000 to $85,000; dependent upon qualifications and experience.
Application Deadline: 
How to Apply


The Oakland Zoo Veterinary Hospital is a 17,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, built in 2012, set in the beautiful Oakland Hills. Our veterinary team consists of two full time veterinarians (one is the Director of Veterinary Services), four veterinary technicians, two hospital keepers, and relief veterinary staff. This is a new position, Staff Veterinarian, just added to the team!

The hospital has high quality medical equipment. It isan exciting time for Oakland Zoo, with the opening of California Trail in June of 2018, an expansion of over a third in size for the Zoo, with multiple exhibits, all new species for the Zoo, and more!

Oakland Zoo is a leader in animal care and welfare, and is a great place to work. The hospital team is excellent and a pleasure to work with, and the Animal Care staff are exceptional. The zoo has active California wildlife conservation programs including the California Condor, Sierra Mountain Yellow-legged frog, Western Pond Turtle, and Mountain Lion; the veterinarian has the opportunity for active involvement. The Zoo also has many worldwide wildlife conservation partners.


Veterinary Responsibilities:

o  Clinical medical care of zoo cases on adaily basis

o  Quarantine duties

o  Assistance with Pre-shipment organization and communication regarding requests for incoming and outgoing animals

o  Emergency care, shared on-call duty

o  Assistance with Emergency Immobilization Team (EIT) practice sessions

o  Preventative Medicine Program implementation, includes above plus routine exams, dentals, nutrition, parasite control, vaccinations, routine testing, and disease surveillance

o  Collaborate with colleagues and local veterinary and medical specialists on clinical cases as needed

o  Communicate with supervisors and keepers about medical cases, scheduling, animal care and welfare, nutrition,breeding, husbandry, and housing

o  Perform gross necropsies and collect samples for histopathology, prepare necropsy reports and analyze findings, formulate recommendations for preventive measures

o  Maintain professional medical records using our TRACKS system

o  Support AZA conservation programs and other research efforts by collecting samples and by gathering and submitting data as appropriate

o  Participate in maintaining standards and regulations of AZA, AAZV, USDA, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies and associations as they apply to zoological institutions and veterinary programs/facilities

o  Review and compose protocols as requested/needed, including Preventative Medicine Protocol, Quarantine Protocol, Emergency Protocol, Zoonotic disease protocols, Bite/toxin exposure protocols, and others (shared)

o  Ensure compliance with local, state,and federal laws and regulations relating to animal care, transport, treatment,and the handling of controlled substances

o  Participate in AAZV and other professional organizations and forums; remain current on continuing education requirements

o  Prepare reports and presentations for publication or delivery at both professional and public forums

o  Teach and mentor visiting veterinary students, technicians, and interns, as needed

o  Work with the entire team to maintain clean, organized, and excellent condition of hospital and hospital equipment

o  Assist in or lead unique hospital programs as requested

o  Perform other duties as requested


Required Capabilities

Required Education

o  DVM degree or equivalent from an accredited School of Veterinary Medicine

o  California veterinary license (within 6 months)

o  DEA license

o  USDA category II accreditation to certify health for interstate and international transport of animals

Required Experience

o  Three years of exotic animal medicine is required, with preference given to zoo experience


How to Apply