Bison Romp Virtual 5K Walk/Run/Bike

Gather up your herd for this socially distanced event to Take Action for Wildlife!


November 4-7, 2020

All Ages



$30/person + $2.74 registration fee

Walk, Run, or Bike for this event.

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Join us as we move together from November 4th to 7th to celebrate the American Bison.

Bison Romp is a virtual “5K Your Way” where you can walk, run, or bike! Walk through the woods, run in your neighborhood, bike around a local park, or romp around your yard! There is no wrong way to complete these 3 miles!

Gather together your social pod, friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to join our herd for this fun way of Taking Action for Wildlife.

Proceeds raised from the Bison Romp support Oakland Zoo’s work with the Iinnii Initiative, an inspired effort to restore bison back to Blackfeet Tribal Lands. The return of the bison is healing the land back to its natural ecosystem and bringing back an important cornerstone of the Blackfeet Nation’s culture. Oakland Zoo remains committed to doing everything we can to support wildlife conservation during these unprecedented times. Wildlife and our conservation partners need all of us now more than ever. By participating in this event or donating to support a participant, you are taking action for wildlife.  

“The elders have long believed that until the buffalo returned, the Blackfeet Tribal Nation would drift.” - Harry Barnes, Blackfeet Tribal Business Council Chairman

Photo Competition

Share your photos on social media for a chance to win prizes!  

Use #OZBisonRomp for the chance to be highlighted on our social media platform during the event and to be put in the running to win prizes.

On November 8th, we will announce the winners for the following categories:

-Best "(Socially Distanced) Herd" Photo

-Best "View from My 5K" Photo

-Best "Bison Costume" Action Photo


Show your participation in the event or support for it with a custom T-shirt. $20/shirt + shipping.

Can’t run but want to help?

Donate to this event or support a runner who is fundraising for the race.

Participating but want to do more?

Fundraise by getting friends and family to pledge money in support of you.

Thank you for joining Oakland Zoo's Bison Romp and Taking Action for Wildlife!