Cub Scout Workshops

Grades 1–5


$20 per scout/$10 per adult


About the Workshops

Gather up your pack and head on down to the Oakland Zoo for a day full of fun and adventure! Explore the Zoo on a guided tour, play games, learn about animals, create a craft, and earn a patch. We offer several interactive and hands-on programs. No matter which theme you chose, your pack will have a blast learning and playing together.

All Cub Scout Workshops include an animal close-up with one of Oakland Zoo’s animal ambassadors.

Program Fee

$20 per scout/$10 per adult. All adults and children must register.

Group Size Limits

Minimum 10 / Maximum 30

Adult/Child Ratios

1 adult chaperone is required for every 10 scouts


You will receive 1 patch per scout for the program you have selected


We have many workshops dates available each month. Please contact a Reservations Associate for current openings.

Program Options

Tiger Scouts: Tigers in the Wild

Hiking is a great way to get out and explore the natural world around you! Bring your Cub Scout Six Essentials to show that you are prepared, and take a hike along the beautifully restored Arroyo Viejo Creek in Knowland Park. Identify plants, look for signs of animals that live in the area, and learn how to be safe and respectful on the trail. Don't forget a guided tour of the Children's Zoo to round out your workshop!

Wolf Scouts: Paws on the Path

Does your Wolf den love the outdoors? In this workshop, you will explore Knowland Park with one of Oakland Zoo's Education Specialists and look for the wild plants and animals that live here in Oakland. You'll want to keep your eyes peeled for clues to unseen animals as well! While hiking, practice reading a map and try your hand at creating one of your own. You'll leave this workshop with your Paws on the Path adventure complete and some great memories!

Bear Scouts: Fur, Feathers, and Ferns

What factors cause a species to become endangered or threatened? Meet several such species in the zoo and learn about their stories, then venture beyond the zoo gates down to Arroyo Viejo Creek to search for local wildlife and study plants up close. A trip to Oakland Zoo's on-site composting yard will finish off your workshop and have you thinking about the best way to fertilize your garden.

Webelos Scouts: Into the Wild

This is your chance to explore and investigate wildlife and their habitats up close. Tour the zoo, look for wild animals in Knowland Park, and get dirty at Arroyo Viejo Creek. Try your hand at bug catching and experience what happens when nature falls out of balance. This workshop will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife, and complete your Into the Wild adventure!

Webelos Scouts: Into the Woods

Learn to read a tree's life story from its cross-section and investigate just how much we use and rely on trees every day in this workshop all about the plant kingdom. Visit Arroyo Viejo Creek and the surrounding woodlands of the Oakland Zoo to learn to identify native plant and tree species and discover how wildlife and humans utilize them. Observe and explore how animals in the zoo use trees, and end your day by planting a California native wildflower to take home.

Reservation Information

To make a reservation download the Cub Scout Workshop Request Form and submit a completed copy by fax (510) 729-7324 or by email at least 6 weeks in advance. We are unable to accommodate bookings less than 2 weeks prior to the event.

Payment and Cancellation Policies


For more information please call (510) 632-9525 ext. 220 or email the Education Programs Registrar.