Earth Agents 2022

Become an environmental change agent in your community!

Fall 2022

All Ages

We are not accepting applications at this time. Stay tuned for more details about 2022!

Many people feel that they have a limited ability to affect real change when it comes to environmental issues at home and abroad. The truth is, we all have the ability to make change. As an Earth Agent family, you will be given the tools, knowledge, and support to become change agents in your community.

10 families (we'll let you define that word) will be selected as Earth Agent families and will plan and host an event in their community to inspire others to participate in saving the planet.

There is no fee to join the Earth Agents, but families are expected to attend a kick-off event at the Zoo and to organize and host an event in their community in the Fall. That community can be friends, neighbors, a church group – however you define it! Oakland Zoo will provide everything needed to get started (shirts, give away items, a small stipend to help run your event, and more!)

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