Feed a Giraffe at Oakland Zoo

...And Save a Giraffe in the Wild

Back of the giraffe habitat, near the lion steps

September 28 (Sold Out), 2019

All Ages

10:30am and 12:30pm

Back of the giraffe habitat, near the lion steps

$15 per person. Children 2 years and older must have a ticket. Only 35 tickets per time slot will be sold. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

All Giraffe feedings are Sold Out for this year! Looking for another animal experience? Feast for the Beast tickets still available on July 27.

Feed a giraffe at Oakland Zoo and save Giraffe in the Wild! 100% of the proceeds will go to the Reticulated Giraffe Project in Kenya.

Do you love giraffe and want to help support them in the wild? Have you ever wanted to surprise a friend with an experience of a lifetime? Then come feed one of the Oakland Zoo giraffe residents on one of the feeding days!

There are two feeding times for each event. Please ensure you are in line at the time your feeding starts on the correct day. Note: we cannot accommodate late arrivals, please arrive in the park well before your feeding time. Parking and walking to the giraffe exhibit may be affected by heavy weekend crowds.

Giraffe feedings will take place at the giraffe habitat. Guests must be able to walk on uneven terrain, including through grass and dirt and up an incline.The line for feedings will begin across from the Simba Pori Lion habitat stairs.

Giraffe are live animals with their own opinions. While they love to stand and take food from strangers, sometimes they are full or choose to walk away. The keepers try hard to ensure all participants are able to feed a giraffe and get their pictures taken while on the deck, but please be aware the giraffe have the final say and all guests must follow directions from Keepers.

Advanced ticket holders can either print out tickets or have the ticket open and displayed on a smart phone.

No petting or touching the giraffe is allowed. Pictures permitted.

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