Horticulture Volunteers

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October-March, Monday-Friday

Horticulture volunteers assist the Zoo's Horticulture workers with daily duties, including habitat restoration, irrigation maintenance, planting, soil improvement, pest and disease control, pruning, plant identification, helping harvest browse for animals, and general landscape maintenance.


Internship Timetable

If you are a student, due to the considerable differences between the end dates for semester and quarter-system schools, the start dates for the summer session will vary greatly depending on when your school year ends. Whether you start at the beginning or the end of that time frame, you will still get the same program experience.

Application Information


Summer (May–September): March 15 (start date is flexible—anytime between May 15 and June 25)

Fall (September–December): July 15

Winter (January–April): November 11


Download and complete the Volunteer Application. Submit your entire application packet or via email or mailto:

Oakland Zoo Volunteer Program

P.O. Box 5238

Oakland, CA 94605


After we receive an application, we will contact the applicant and sign them up for Volunteer Information Meeting where they will learn more about the Oakland Zoo and our volunteer programs and be interviewed.


Please email us or call (510) 632-9525 x141 if you have more questions about our Volunteer Program.