Cameras and Cougars - An Impact Speaker Series

10 years of Mountain Lion Research and Conservation – Presented by the Bay Area Puma Project

Zimmer Auditorium

March 26, 2020

All Ages

Reception 6:30pm Event: 7:00pm

Zimmer Auditorium

Tickets available through Eventbrite

$10-$30 Sliding Scale. All proceeds benefit the Bay Area Puma Project

We cannot save what we do not understand. The Bay Area Puma Project is a large-scale study across diverse habitats. With the help of camera-traps, the study reveals trends in mountain lion abundance, movements,and interactions with other species. Join Zara McDonald, Bay Area Puma Project Founder, to learn how the Felidae Conservation Fund and Oakland Zoo are partnered with a goal of improving our knowledge, awareness, and coexistence with mountain lions through community cameras.

“The advancement of camera technology allows us to non-invasively study wildlife as never before, and these methods are reshaping how we collect data and conduct research, especially in sensitive habitats at the urban edge.” - Zara McDonald, Bay Area Puma Project Founder

Time: 6:30pm Reception, 7:00pm Presentation

Location: Marian Zimmer Auditorium at Oakland Zoo

Tickets: Available at Eventbrite until 11pm on March 25th. Limited number of tickets available at the door.

Admission: $10-$30 Sliding Scale

Proceeds: All proceeds benefit the Bay Area Puma Project

Light refreshments, coffee, tea, and wine served

Delicious Veggie Dinner available for purchase with The GrilledCheezGuy!

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