Town Zoo

Have a beer, help wildlife – simple as that!



Taking Action For Wildlife is as simple as having a beer - Town Zoo beer to be exact!

Town Zoo is a beer with a cause created in collaboration with Ale Industries.

This 5.10% Alc/Vol Kölsch Style Ale is light, crisp, and refreshing.

To continue the theme of Oakland, 5.10% of sales from this beer go to support our long term partners at Budongo Snare Removal Project.

By the time you're done drinking, you can feel good that you've helped save chimps from snare traps and poaching while providing a sustainable income to eco-guards protecting the forest.

Town Zoo now available for guests 21+ at Tuskers Grill & The Landing Café.

Eco-guards observing chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest with Oakland Zoo staff, while identifying and removing snares set-up by poachers.