Mountain Lion Foundation

North America

The Mountain Lion Federation (MLF) was established in 1986 and strives to encourage citizens nationwide to act with mountain lions in mind. They accomplish this by inspiring people to take action to preserve habitats, developing and implementing practical solutions to conflict problems, promoting lion research, and ultimately influencing laws and regulations to protect pumas across the country.

Challenges to Conservation

The mountain lion is the largest wild cat in the Western Hemisphere. This apex predator ranges all the way from the Yukon to the southern Andes. With human encroachment on the rise, their ecosystem is being degraded and therefore forced into conflict with humans. This can result in intentional harm through hunting or unintentional harm when they are killed by car strikes.Educating the public and establishing stronger protection regulations are the primary solutions.

Conservation Approaches

Land Use Policies

MLF works to enact legislation locally and nationwide that will help protect mountain lions, preserve habitats and safety corridors for ensuring mountain lions continue to thrive.

Outreach and Education

MLF hopes to prevent human-animal conflict through education. Teaching people how to keep safe when hiking and keep their animals safe. MLF believes that this everyone can help this cause and encourages you to become a mountain lion activist.

Oakland Zoo Takes Action...

Outreach and Education

The Mountain Lion Foundation has been a feature at Oakland Zoo’s Earth Day over many years, as well as in Zoo sponsored public presentations. Mountain Lion issues and solutions are often a theme of our Clorox Wildlife Theater presentations.


Grants and Fundraising

Oakland Zoo’s Conservation Grant has provided funds for Mountain Lion Foundation’s continued work to preserve mountain lion habitat.


Quarters for ConservationThe Zoo chose Mountain Lion Foundation as one of our 2017-2018 Quarters for Conservation featured projects. 

Legalities and Policy

Oakland Zoo worked alongside MLF and other entities to help get SB 132 passed into law on January 1st, 2014. This law now lists mountain lions as “specially protected species” in California. Making it illegal totake, injure, possess, transport, import, or sell any mountain lion or any part or product thereof.



Oakland zoo works with MLF in an alliance called Bay Area Cougar Action Team (BACAT), which works with California Department of Fish and wildlife to respond to incidences of mountain lions in human population areas.


Mountain Lion Holding and Vet Care

Oakland Zoo has offered our new veterinary facility to care for and hold a wild lion that is need for temporary care until a decision is made where the cat can be released.

...And So Can You!