Living with Wolves

by Oakland Zoo  14-March-2018

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My Rainforest, My World ​#OZinMadagascar

by Oakland Zoo  14-February-2018

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Black Bears 1st Birthday!

by Oakland Zoo  30-January-2018

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Why Can't Mountain Lion Cubs Be Released?

by Oakland Zoo  19-January-2018

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Have a Bear-y Happy New Year!

by Animal Care  01-January-2018

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Our Bison Beauty and California Trail Updates!

by Alicia Powers  06-September-2017

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Oakland Zoo and Oaklandish…Partnering in Our Great City!

by Susie McDonald  20-July-2017

With the opening of California Trail, Oakland Zoo launched its first line of apparel with Oaklandish, showcasing the only urban gondola of its kind in CA.

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Giraffe: The Tallest Forgotten Species

by Jessica Real  02-May-2017

Ever wonder how giraffe communicate? Have you ever been curious about what they might say to each other, or how far their communication can reach?

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Behind the Scenes at the Oakland Zoo’s Biodiversity Building

by Michelle Heywood  31-March-2017

In Oakland Zoo’s Biodiversity Building, you’ll find keepers working behind the scenes on two conservation projects—helping both native and nonnative wildlife.

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