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Oakland Seniors Commemorating 15 Years of the Healthy Living Festival

Oakland Zoo   12-Sep-2018

United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County Commemorate 15th Anniversary of the Healthy Living Festival

Oakland Zoo Unveils Long-Awaited 56-acre California Trail Expansion

Oakland Zoo   20-Jun-2018

Oakland Zoo Unveils Long-Awaited 56-acre California Trail Expansion with the Most Recent Animal Arrivals: Rescued Grizzly / Brown Bear Cubs, California Condors, and Ten Buffalo calves.

Trio of Rescued Mountain Lion Cubs Now a Family at Home at Oakland Zoo’s Upcoming California Trail

Oakland Zoo   27-Apr-2018

The three (separately found) orphaned mountain lion cubs rescued by the California De¬partment of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and brought to Oakland Zoo last December are now officially home in their brand-new, expansive habitat - one of the largest mountain lion exhibits in the world - at Oakland Zoo’s upcoming California Trail expansion, open to the public this June.

Fourteen Iconic Bison from ‘Pablo Allard’ Historic Herd Brought to Oakland Zoo’s California Trail by Blackfeet Nation of Montana

Oakland Zoo   11-Apr-2018

Cultural leaders, elders and members of the Blackfeet Nation (of the Blackfeet Native American Reservation in Browning, Montana) gathered ceremoniously yesterday in transferring 14 of their newly restored bison herd onto a truck headed to Oakland Zoo as part of the Zoo’s ‘California Trail’ expansion.

Zookeepers Help Acclimate Gray Wolves to New Habitat at Oakland Zoo’s California Trail

Oakland Zoo   04-Apr-2018

A pair of gray wolves have settled into their habitat at Oakland Zoo’s California Trail. The two wolves, Sequoia and Siskiyou, arrived in late December; however, due to the nature of wolves being very skittish and shy, zookeepers allowed them to adapt to their new home slowly. In an effort to get the wolves used to people watchers, zookeepers have been conducting “Wolf Acclimation Sessions” for the past month.

New Habitat Completed for Rescued Black Bears at Oakland Zoo’s Upcoming California Trail

Oakland Zoo   25-Jan-2018

The first animal arrivals of Oakland Zoo’s upcoming California Trail, a mother Black bear and her three cubs rescued last summer, have been successfully introduced to their newly-built, 1.5-acre habitat at the Zoo’s new California Trail expansion, opening to the public in June 2018.

Oakland Zoo Rebrands to Better Demonstrate Conservation Purpose

Oakland Zoo   22-Jan-2018

Oakland Zoo’s governing organization, the East Bay Zoological Society, is now renamed the Conservation Society of California and is 'Taking Action For Wildlife.'

Third Mountain Lion Cub, Found Near-Death, Rescued and Finds Home at Oakland Zoo’s California Trail

Oakland Zoo   09-Jan-2018

In just over one month, three separate orphaned mountain lion cubs have been rescued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and have found sanctuary at Oakland Zoo. The most recent and also youngest, arrived the night of December 23 in severe critical condition, even more so than the first two cubs.

New Lemurs Make their Home at Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo   20-Dec-2017

The ‘king and queen’ have arrived, maybe by name only, but we are happy to welcome our two new Crowned Lemurs to Oakland Zoo!

Orphaned Mountain Lion Cubs Taken in by Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo   13-Dec-2017

Two orphaned mountain lion cubs have been taken in by Oakland Zoo in coordination with the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the Feline Conservation Center, both found in Orange County.

National Bison Day with Oakland Zoo, Blackfeet Nation and Wildlife Conservation Society in Joint Bison Restoration Project

Oakland Zoo   01-Dec-2017

Cultural Leaders and Elder of the Blackfeet Nation Reservation speak about the Iinnii Initiative, restoring the American Bison to Blackfeet Nation’s tribal lands and to Oakland Zoo’s California Trail Expansion

Oakland Zoo Mourns Loss of Beloved Tiki, Likely the Most Well-Known Giraffe in Captivity

Oakland Zoo   16-Nov-2017

At 28 years of age, Tiki reached 95 in ‘equivalent giraffe years;’ her impact on researchers’ understanding of giraffe behavior and intelligence, and on both her own zookeepers and those around the world, is tremendous.

Oakland Zoo Acquires Zebras from Safari West

Oakland Zoo   01-Nov-2017

Two young male zebras join Oakland Zoo from Safari West, the move took place before the recent North Bay Fires.

Action for Wildlife: Oakland Zoo Raises $126,000 for Conservation Organizations

Oakland Zoo   23-Oct-2017

Oakland Zoo has raised over $126,000 for animals in the wild in the past year through ‘Quarters for Conservation,’ an ongoing program where 25¢ of every ticket sold is designated for the Zoo’s conservation partners worldwide. The contribution total is a 20% increase over last year’s efforts.

Oakland Zoo Acquires Three “R.O.U.S.” Rodents of Unusual Size

Oakland Zoo   09-Oct-2017

A new species, called Agouti, has arrived at Oakland Zoo and is now on exhibit in the Zoo’s expansive, recently opened rainforest aviary habitat. The new Agouti cohabitate with macaws and currasow (bird species) inside their 219,000 square cubic foot exhibit, as these three species naturally share the same environment in the wild.

New Baby Welcomed by Baboon Troop, Grows to Sixteen at Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo   27-Sep-2017

Oakland Zoo announces the arrival of a new baby baboon, Kito, a male born the morning of September 2, 2017. This marks the eighth baboon birth in four years, bringing the troop’s total to sixteen and officially one of the largest baboon troops at a U.S. Zoo.

Healthy Living Festival Urges Seniors to Call on Congress

Oakland Zoo   21-Sep-2017

Hosted at the Oakland Zoo, 9777 Golf Links Road, Healthy Living Festival is the largest free health resource fair for seniors in the county.

Oakland Zoo & National Parks Service Release Critically Endangered Frogs to Bolster Wild Populations

Oakland Zoo   30-Aug-2017

Tadpoles were emergency-airlifted to Oakland Zoo to be raised and released back into their natal lakes as healthy adult frogs in hopes of restoring their dwindling populations in the wild.

Oakland Zoo Expansion Benefits Entire Region

Erin Harrison   03-Jul-2017

Four Black Bears Transferred to Oakland Zoo Under Unique Circumstances

Erin Harrison, Jordan Traverso   15-Jun-2017

Oakland Zoo Presents 25th Annual Walk in the Wild: An Epicurean Escapade

Erin Harrison   11-Jun-2017

Aerial Gondola and Hilltop Restaurant Opening at Oakland Zoo’s Monumental California Trail Expansion

Erin Harrison   10-Jun-2017

Oakland Zoo’s “Celebrating Elephants” Evening Gala and Day Event to Benefit Elephants in Africa, Sponsored by The Oakland A’s

Oakland Zoo   16-May-2017

Three Baby Otter Pups Now on Exhibit—In Time for Mother’s Day at Oakland Zoo!

Oakland Zoo   08-May-2017

Oakland Zoo, Golden Gate Audubon, and International Bird Rescue Team Up to Save Wild Baby Herons in Downtown Oakland

Oakland Zoo   18-Apr-2017

Oakland Zoo Hosts One of the Largest Earth Day Events in the East Bay

Oakland Zoo   15-Apr-2017

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, Oakland Zoo is hosting one of the largest Earth Day celebrations in the East Bay.

Oakland Zoo Unveils New “Progressive Design” Aviary Exhibit

Oakland Zoo   22-Mar-2017

Oakland Zoo has unveiled a brand-new aviary exhibit designed to encourage species-specific, natural behaviors in the birds housed within. The exhibit took several months to design and build, with architects and zookeepers consulting extensively with field experts in avian behavior and physiology.

Baby Wallaroo Cared for by Zookeepers After Mother’s Passing

Oakland Zoo   15-Mar-2017

A baby wallaroo is being raised by zookeepers at Oakland Zoo after the infant’s mother passed away earlier this month from an infection.

Oakland Zoo’s Conservation Speaker Series Presents Jackson Hole Film Festival Favorites

Oakland Zoo   07-Mar-2017

Oakland Zoo’s Conservation Speaker Series Presents Ewaso Lions

Oakland Zoo   08-Feb-2017

On Wednesday, February 8 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm, Oakland Zoo’s ‘Conservation Speaker Series’ welcomes the public to attend a presentation by Ewaso Lions.

Oakland Zoo Partners with Service Systems Associates For Quality Guest Retail and Culinary Experience

Oakland Zoo   01-Feb-2017

SSA will introduce fresh local food offerings as well as new and exciting shopping concepts when the contract starts in February.

Holiday Gifts and Leftover Christmas Trees for Oakland Zoo Animals

Oakland Zoo   29-Dec-2016

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