Lion Appreciation Day

Celebrate Lions

August 11, 2018

10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Flamingo Plaza and Lion Viewing Decks

Free with Zoo Admission


There will be lots of fun activities, including lion enrichment at 10am and a keeper talk at 1:15pm during which you can learn all about our lions. Throughout the day, there will also be lion-themed facepainting, a lion biofact education station, and 2 of our lion conservation partners, Bay Area Puma Project and Uganda Carnivore Program, will be there to talk about challenges lions face in the wild and how you can help!You can even buy crafts made by people living near lions in Uganda.


Lions are one of the most popular and iconic animals in the world. However, lions are in trouble! It is estimated there are fewer than 30,000 lions left in all of Africa. Habitat loss due to human settlement and agriculture development, loss of natural prey population, and retaliatory killing by humans after lion attacks on livestock are the main reasons why lions are in danger in the wild. We have our own lions in the Bay Area – mountain lions! The mountain lion population is also decreasing, and they face many of the same threats that African lions do.


World Lion Day is celebrated each August around the world. Oakland Zoo will show our commitment to lions in Africa and locally in the Bay Area by having a “Lion Appreciation Day”. On this day, zoo guests will be able to learn more about lions and have fun participating in a variety of activities.



  • Lion enrichment at 10am at the wooden lion deck near the elephants
  • Keeper talk at 1:15pm at the main lion viewing deck
  • Lion-themed facepainting from 10am-3pm at Flamingo Plaza
  • Lion biofact station from 10am-3pm at the main lion viewing deck
  • Table by Bay Area Puma Project from 10am-3pm at the wooden lion deck
  • Table by Uganda Carnivore Program from 10am-3pm at Flamingo Plaza


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